Nothing Phone (1) size comparison: bigger than the competition?

The Nothing Phone (1) is not your average mid-range smartphone – this much is certain. One look at the smartphone’s semi-transparent back and a flash from its LED strips is enough to make you question everything you know about smartphone design. Luckily, the Nothing Phone (1), despite its unique look, conforms to a familiar form factor and can easily be compared side-by-side with other smartphones in terms of size. So how does the Nothing Phone (1) measure up?

Nothing Phone (1) vs other mid-range Android smartphones size comparison

In this section, we will be comparing the Nothing Phone (1) with two of its most popular direct competitors in the mid-range smartphone market segment. This means handsets like the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G and the OnePlus Nord 2T.

As you can see, all three of these mid-range smartphones, not only look almost identical, but also have incredibly similar dimensions. On the front, one would be forgiven for failing to see a difference between them. Of course, once you turn the smartphones around, this changes dramatically – only one looks like a gadget taken from an old sci-fi movie.

Nothing Phone (1) vs popular Android alternatives size comparison

In this section, we will compare the Nothing Phone (1) with a number of popular, similarly-sized Android smartphones. It should be noted that two of the devices (the OnePlus 10 Pro and Google Pixel 6) mentioned come at a (much) higher price tag, while the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra comes in at more than double the price of the Nothing Phone (1).

This is a more heterogenous selection than the previous one, but the two less expensive alternatives come close to the Nothing Phone (1) in terms of size. The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra offers more in almost every aspect, but that is only natural given its flagship status.

Nothing Phone (1) vs iPhone alternatives

Of course, the smartphone world does not end with Android and who can forget about Apple. The closest size equivalent to the Nothing Phone (1) is the iPhone 13 Pro Max, but we have excluded it, given its ostentatious price tag. We have instead opted for Apple’s two more budget-friendly (to the extent that you can consider any iPhone affordable) options – the iPhone SE (2022) and the iPhone 13.

Both iPhones have smaller screens than the Nothing Phone (1). They also have very different screen layouts, with the iPhone SE (2022) having a rather dated design with its huge bezels, while the iPhone 13 has the (in)famous notch. This is to be expected, however – Apple has, as we all know, its own way of doing things.