Best iPhone 14 Pro cases to get for your new phone

The iPhone 14 is almost here – Apple will reveal its next-gen phone portfolio on September 7. This year we expect four models (sadly no iPhone Mini), namely the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max. And even though the event is still some hours away, iPhone 14 cases have started to pop up online.The iPhone 14 Pro has always been the strange middle child – people either go for the vanilla iPhone 14, or go all out buying the Pro Max. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you go for the pure Pro, and here are some cases to protect your new investment.

Do iPhone 13 Pro cases fit the iPhone 14 Pro?

Even though the design changes are not that substantial, if we look at the older iPhone 13 generation, the changes are there, and this means you won’t be able to use old cases with your new iPhone 14 Pro. There’s a slight difference in the radius of the frame, the camera bump and size, and all in all, you’d be better off with a brand new iPhone 14 Pro case.Table of contents:

Best iPhone 14 Pro clear cases

Smartphones are very fragile nowadays, and the iPhone 14 Pro is no exception – the phone features the same glass sandwich design that has resulted in countless screen and back replacements over the years. That’s why you just can’t use your phone without a case. Fortunately, there are crystal clear cases that help show your phone’s true colors, and offer some protection as well.

Speck – Presidio Perfect-clear MagSafe iPhone 14 Pro case

This Presidio iPhone 14 Pro case from Speck offers just what you need – a perfectly clear and almost invisible protection. Alongside the thin and lightweight design, this case also offers 13-foot drop protection, and the company’s proprietary Microban treatment that kills off up to 99% of stain and odor-causing bacteria.

This case is also MagSafe compatible, and features raised bezels, easy port access, and last but not least, it won’t yellow over time.

Olixar iPhone 14 Pro MagSafe compatible Clear Case

If you want something more affordable, the Olixar iPhone 14 Pro MagSafe compatible Clear Case is a “clear” choice. Along with the custom mold you’re getting MagSafe compatibility, slim and lightweight design, and a snug fit.

You’re also getting some protection in the form of the traditional raised bezels around the display and camera bump, and the access to all the ports is also easy and convenient. Have we mentioned that this iPhone 14 Pro case is pretty affordable?

Ringke Fusion iPhone 14 Pro Clear Case with card slot

Another cool idea is to be able to store some cards and/or cash in your phone’s case in order not to take your wallet everywhere you go (we all know leaving your phone behind isn’t an option). This Ringke case offers a convenient card holder, along with clear design.The Fusion iPhone 14 Pro Clear Case is made out of a special non-slip material that’s also lightweight and thin. You’re getting some basic anti-scratch and anti-drop features, just don’t expect rugged-case protection.

Best iPhone 14 Pro rugged cases

Speaking of rugged cases – here they are, the best way to protect a phone that costs around a grand. Your iPhone 14 Pro rugged case might not be the lightest or the prettiest out there but in case of an accidental drop you’ll be the one to laugh at the end.

Olixar Anti-Shock Soft Purple iPhone 14 Pro Case

The big guns in smartphone protection such as Otterbox and Spigen are yet to reveal their cases but this doesn’t mean that you’re out of options. The Olixar Anti-Shock Soft Purple iPhone 14 Pro Case is a mix of style and protection – it comes with a non-slip material that’s also shock-absorbing.

The textured surface provides amazing grip, and you also get the usual raised bezels to protect the screen and the camera. Last but not least, there are some really cool colors available – you’ve always wanted a purple iPhone? Wish granted!

CaseBorne V iPhone 14 Pro case with military-grade protection

Grip cases and anti-shock cases are decent but if you want the absolute best in protection, you have to turn to the military. We’re not talking about the army here but a case with military standards in protection. Like the CaseBorne V iPhone 14 Pro case.

The multi-layered design of this case allows it to withstand drops from up to 21 feet! It also looks pretty cool and there are some nice (orange) color options, plus an integrated kickstand. It’s also not that expensive.

Speck – Presidio2 Grip MagSafe iPhone 14 Pro case

If you rather go with a softer and more understated iPhone 14 Pro case, Speck offers its Presidio2 model, with an inverted non-slip grip pattern, and Armor Cloud technology. The drop protection here is “just” 13 feet but the overall looks and weight are much better than any traditional rugged case.

Oh, and being a Speck case, this one also features the Microban layer that kills off bacteria – up to 99% of it.

Best iPhone 14 Pro leather cases

Of course, if you want to rock your iPhone 14 Pro in style, a leather case is always an option. This material is not only sturdy but gets a nice patina over time.

SUANPOT Wallet case for iPhone 14 Pro

There’s not a lot of variety here, when the curtain lifts, there will be many iPhone 14 Pro leather cases, including models from Moment, Mous, and Apple itself. For now, though, the most impatient of you will have to deal with something less popular.This wallet case offers a lot of bang for your buck – it can hold up to 9 cards, it has an integrated kickstand, and it’s not crazy expensive.

Best iPhone 14 Pro Stylish cases

Sometimes all you need to brighten up your day is a happy smartphone case. There are such models out there, and among all the butterflies, rainbows, adn butterflies, there’s a case for you, for sure.

LoveCases BeeHappy Gel Case – For iPhone 14 Pro

Speaking of happiness, how about an iPhone 14 Pro case that’s called BeeHappy? The pun here is bee-related, of course, but nonetheless, this case looks really cool. Put some bees on your new iPhone 14 Pro and get some protection as a bonus.

This case is very slim and lightweight, and also fits like a glove on your new iPhone 14 Pro. It has raised bezels and good port access as well. Last but not least, it’s pretty affordable.